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Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, 05-09, March 2013

Fact Sheet

5-9 March 2013

Edition : 30th 

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre 1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong


Fair Date Opening Hours Buyer Registration Hours
5 March   02:00 PM - 08:00 PM
6 March 10:30 AM - 06:30 PM 10.00 AM - 06.00 PM
7-8 March 10:00 AM - 06:30 PM 09:30 AM - 06:00 PM
9 March 10:00 AM - 05:30 PM 09:30 AM - 05:00 PM

For trade visitors aged 18 or above only. Admission fee: HK$100 per person. For security reasons, visitors are required to present their passport or Hong Kong Identity Card upon registration.

Hong Kong Trade Development Council

Co-organiser (s)
Hong Kong Jewellers' & Goldsmiths' Association Hong Kong Jewellery & Jade Manufacturers Association Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers' Association Diamond Federation of Hong Kong, China

Sponsor (s) :
Hong Kong Watch Manufacturers Association Ltd The Federation of Hong Kong Watch Trades & Industries Ltd

Major Exhibitors

  • Fine Jewellery
  • Silver Jewellery
  • Finished Jewellery
  • Antique Jewellery
  • Jade Jewellery
  • Diamonds
  • Precious Stones
  • South Sea Pearls & Tahiti Pearls
  • Fresh Water & Cultured Pearls
  • Semi-Precious Stones
  • Jewellery Accessories
  • Jewellery Display & Packaging Material
  • Jewellery Tools & Equipment
  • Trade Publications & Services
  • Trade Associations
  • Brand Name Watches & Clocks
  • Complete Watches & Clocks

Special Highlight (s)

  • Hall of Fame
    - Showcase for esteemed international brands
  • Hall of Extraordinary
    - Dedicated area for premium, luxurious & distinctive jewellery
  • Antique & Vintage Jewellery Galleria
    - Magnificent selection of vintage pieces in fashion during various periods
  • Designer Galleria
    - Showcase of hip collections from designers
  • Exclusive Showroom
    - Opportunity to source from wide arrays of fine jewellery, South Sea pearls and diamonds whilst enjoying private business discussions
  • Hall of Chic
    - A showcase of silver and fine jewellery
  • Hall of Jade Jewellery
    - A selection of top-grade jade pieces in a variety of colours
  • Hall of Nature
    - Premium section for precious loose jewellery elements
  • Hall of Time
    - One-stop-shop for branded as well as complete watches & clocks
  • World of Glamour
    - A showcase of fine jewellery from Hong Kong exhibitors
Year No. of Exhibitors No. of Buyers Gross Are
2012 2,870 36,969 90,954sqm



Booth Rental: 9 sqm fully furnished booth – Rs. 3,00,000/-

Shell scheme includes : Currently, the product zoning for HKIJS 2012 will be as below :

  • Hall 3E for loose diamonds companies
  • Meeting Hall N201 for loose diamonds
  • Hall 5B for fine jewellery companies
  • Hall 5F for loose stones companies
  • Expo Drive Hall for fine jewellery companies

Each fully furnished booth 3x3 sqm booth in the different sections will have the following :

(1) Under Loose Diamond Section :

  • 2 Low showcase
  • 2 Tall Showcase with 70 W-HQ1 white light
  • 3   70 W HQ1 white light instead of  4x spotlights of 100 watts  
  • 1x Square table
  • 4x leather arm chairs
  • 1x Cabinet  or square table
  • 1x Waste paper basket
  • 1 no. of 1m folding door
  • 1x 500w power socket (power consumption included)

(2) Under Gem Stone Section :

  • Low showcase - require yellow lights 
  • Tall Showcase with 70-HQ1 Yellow lights
  • 3 70HQ1 Yellow lights instead of  instead of  4x spotlights of 100 watts  
  • 1x Square table
  • 4x leather arm chairs
  • 1x Cabinet  or square table
  • 1x pegboard  (with 30 hooks)   
  • 1x Waste paper basket
  • 1x 500w power socket (power consumption included)

(3) Finished jewellery section, booth package for each 3mx3m booth, included

  • 2x Low Show equipped with lights
  • 2x Tall showcase equipped with lights ( 2 nos. of 70W HQI light each, power consumption included)
  • 1x Square table
  • 4x leather arm chairs
  • 4x spotlights of 100 watts  (power consumption included) 
  • 1x Cabinet  or square table
  • 1x Waste paper basket
  • 1x 500w power socket (power consumption included)

Additional Facilities :

  • Exclusive Design of India Pavilion
  • Advertise on the Council’s website
  • Advertisement in the Exhibitor’s Catalogue
  • Exclusive Indian Exhibitors Directory
  • Advertisement in Daily Newsletter of the Show
  • Extensive onsite promotion of India Pavilion at all locations

Stand fitting contractor appointed by the Council :
Please note that Council has appointed following agency to construct India pavilion at the subject exhibition :
Kam Wong -Asst. Manager, Exhibition Services

HKTDC Finance & Accounts Dept
31/F, Wu Chung House, 213, Queen's Road East,
Wanchai Hong Kong 
Tel : +852 25844333   Fax: +852 28240249

C& P Diamonds
Rough Diamonds
Rough Stones
Polished Col Gem Stones
Raw Pearls
Processed Pearls
Precious Metal Jewlry Gold
Precious Metal Jewlry Silver

Exhibitor List

Finished Jewellery EXHIBITORS AT HALL 5BC
Sr. No. Name Of The Company Booth No.
1 ACPL Exports Pvt Ltd 5B-C41
2 ACPL Product Pvt Ltd 5B-C35
3 Amrapali Jewels Pvt Ltd 5B-C02
4 Asian Star Jewels Pvt Ltd 5B-C19
5 BML Gems & Jewellery 5B-C36
6 Derewala Jewellery Industries 5B-C26
7 Dinurje Jewellery Pvt Ltd 5B-B06
8 DWS Jewellery Pvt Ltd 5B-C13
9 G Jewelcrafts Ltd 5B-C05
10 Gallant Jewelry 5B-C14
11 Gemco Designs 5B- C45
12 Gemco International 5B-C38
13 Goldstar Jewellery Ltd 5B- B12
14 H.K Designs (India) 5B-C07
15 India Silver Jewels 5B-C33
16 Jaipur Emporium International 5B-C11
17 Jaipur Exports 5B-C17
18 Jaipur Jewellery House 5B-C25
19 Jatin Gems 5B-C40
20 K. P.  Jewellers 5B-C42
21 Mamraj Musaddilal Jewellers & Pearls Dealers 5B- C23
22 Oriental Gemco Pvt Ltd 5B-C20
23 Panna Handicrafts  5B-C08
24 Patdiam Jewellery Pvt Ltd 5B-B02
25 Rosy Jewellery Exports Pvt Ltd 5B-C09
26 Shrenuj & Co Ltd 5B-C01
27 Shri Arihant Mangal Expo Impo 5B-C16 
28 Silver House 5B-C34
29 Silver Mountain 5B- C46
30 Soni International Jewelry Mfg Co. 5B-C12
31 Sterling Ornaments Pvt Ltd 5B-C39
32 Suashish Diamonds Ltd 5B-B04
The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council - (Level 5- outside Hall 5) 5con-018
Finished Jewellery Exhibitors at Expo Drive
S.No Name Of The Company Booth No.
1 Amore Jewels ED-D13
2 D Navinchandra Jewels ED-D09
3 Estrella Jewels LLP ED-D19
4 Fine Jewellery Mfg Ltd ED-D11
5 KBS Creations ED-D17
6 Manoj Ornaments Pvt. Ltd. ED-D05
7 Ravi Gem & Jewellery Exports Pvt. Ltd. ED-D07
8 Royal India Jewellery Mfg Co Pvt Ltd ED-D01 & D03
Exhibitors at Lower Lever Expo Drive Hall
S.No Name Of The Company Booth No.
1 Karats N Carats ED M01
2 KGK Creations Ltd ED - L02
3 Shankar Jewels Ltd ED-M03
S.No Name Of The Company Booth No.
1 Beads Paradise 3D-C36, C38 & C40
2 K.K. Gems Trading Co 3D-C34
3 L.D. & Co 3D-C42
4 Shwet Ratan Impex 3D-C44 & 3D-46
Gemstone exhibitors at Hall 5E


Name Of The Company Booth No.
1 Ashok Jewellers 5E-B30
2 Aziz Ahmed Gems 5E-A36
3 Badshah Madracy & Sons 5E-B25
4 Cosmopolitan Trading Corporation 5E-B27
5 Exquisite Color Kraft Pvt Ltd 5E-B36
6 Gems Park 5E-A34
7 Gemstones Corporation 5E-B33
8 Kala Gems Exports 5E-A26, A28, A30
9 MKA's Rubylite 5E-B26
10 National Facets 5E-B29
11 New Star Gems 5E-A32
12 Sheru Gems 5E-B31
13 Singhal Gems 5E-B28
14 Wondercuts Jewels Pvt Ltd 5E-B35
Loose Diamonds Exhibitors at Hall 3D & Meeting Room N 201
S.No Name Of The Company Booth No.
1 Aditya Gems 3D-C29
2 C Dinesh & Co Pvt Ltd 3D-C35
3 J. K. Jewellers International 3D-C25 & 3D-C27
4 Ketan Brothers Diamondz Export 3D-C31 & 3D-C33
5 Padma Gems 3D-C39
6 Rajgir Gems 3D-C37
7 S. Narendra 3D-C43
8 Shital Diam 3D-C41
9 Siddhi Diamonds 3D-C45
Loose Diamond Exhibitors at Meeting Room N201
S.No Name Of The Company Booth No.
1 A.J. Mehta & Co LLP N201-11
2 Aashna Diamond N201-22
3 Arihant Star N201-10
4 Bharat Brothers N201-09
5 C.J. Exporters N201-04
6 H. Riddhesh & Co N201-06
7 K.B. Gems N201-16
8 Kanubhai B Shah & Co N201-03
9 Mahima Gems N201-25
10 Monarch Gems N201-15
11 Nimesh Gem N201-20
12 P. Rajesh & Co N201-23
13 Padmavati Exports N201-18
14 Purusharth N201-19
15 Rare Jewels N201-27
16 Rays Diam N201-17
17 Rays Diamonds N201-24
18 Riddhi Diamonds N201-02
19 S.P. Gems Pvt. Ltd N201-05
20 Sanghvi & Sons N201-13
21 Scintillating Jewellery N201-14
22 Star Brillian N201-21
23 Sun Rays N201-26
24 UT Zaveri N201-01

Exim Policy Procedures

Relevant clauses of Exim Policy and procedures

The Nominated agencies shall produce to the custom authority’s letter in original or its certified copy, containing Government’s approval for holding the exhibition. Any other person shall produce to the Asst. Commissioner, customs, the letter in original  or its certified copy containing GJEPC’s approval for holding the exhibition.
In case of re-import, such items, arrival, shall be verified alongwith the export document before clearance.
The Export under exhibition shall be subject to the following conditions for the following modes of export:

  1. Export of Gems & Jewellery for holding/participating in overseas in overseas exhibition. The Exports under this scheme shall be subject to the following conditions :

  2. Items not sold abroad shall be re-imported within 60 days of the close of the exhibition. However, in case the exporters is participating in more than one exhibition within 45 days of close of the first exhibition, then the 60 days shall be counted from the date of close of the last exhibition. In case of personal carriage of gems and jewellery for participating in overseas exhibitions, the value of such gems and jewellery shall not exceed US$ 2 million. The gold/silver/platinum content on items sold in such exhibitions may be imported as replenishment. The exporter shall take replenishment from the Nominated Agency within 120 days from the close of the exhibition gold/silver/platinum for the purpose of replenishment content against the items sold abroad in exhibition.


Market Info

Market overview :

  • The mainland and Hong Kong agreed in October 2005 to further liberalise the mainland market for Hong Kong companies under the third phase of the Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA III). Along with other products of Hong Kong origin, the mainland agreed to give all products of Hong Kong origin, including jewellery, tariff-free treatment starting from 1 January 2006.
  • Hong Kong's jewellery industry is dominated by the precious jewellery sector. Its development has been facilitated by the expansion of the local market, including sales to tourists. Combined with re-exports, Hong Kong is the leading exporter of imitation jewellery and the second largest exporter of precious jewellery in the world.
  • Jewellery production in Hong Kong encompasses a wide range of medium- to high-priced products. Hong Kong manufacturers are strong at producing small stones fashion jewellery. Hong Kong is leading in the production of pure gold items, and has long been recognised as a major centre for the production of jade jewellery. It has also evolved into a leading trading and distribution centre for pearls in recent years.
  • Although value-added processes are still retained in Hong Kong, manufacturing processes are increasingly being shifted to the Chinese mainland, mainly Shenzhen and Panyu by means of building factories or outsourcing. Increasingly more manufacturers are making use of computer-aided design to shorten the time cycle for product development.

Market Trends 

Articles of jewellery are getting more fashion oriented. In order to move up-market, innovative designs are very important. In doing so, it is necessary for manufacturers to have more metallurgical knowledge. New technology also allows the development of new or innovative designs. Jewellery, which used to target the high-end market, is also following more closely with the fashion trend and targeting at the younger, middle income level market segment, some in the form of brand jewellery. 

Product Trends

In terms of materials, white metal will remain the mainstream, while there has been a renewed interest and demand for colour stone jewellery. Demand for yellow gold is on a rise again, albeit with a fashionable twist.

The number of younger consumers has increased over the past few years. They are fashion-conscious and putting a great stress on the design element. In many cases, they are influenced by the trends in clothing fashion, mainly through magazines, TVs or movies. In Asia, for example, the biggest jewellery buyers are the rising numbers of women entering the workforce, according to De Beers.

In terms of product trends, jewellery designs have been increasingly influenced by clothing fashion. Consumers, especially women, are opting for more accessories like jewellery to express their sense of style. While feminine, romantic pieces are expected to be sought-after in the luxury market, wear ability is getting important in the young girl market and this reflects in the increasing trend to wear jewellery with jeans in a mix-and-match fashion.

Costume jewellery is making a sparkling return. Increasingly more garment boutiques now offer jewellery as accessories complementing their new lines of fashion. Such development would contribute to an increased demand for elegant and romantic diamonds, which are expected to top the list of jewellery buyers, while semi-precious stones and coloured crystals targeting at the medium to lower-end segment are likely to sell well.

MDA grant and related regulatory points

Exhibitors are eligible for MDA Grant up to Rs.80,000/-, if they participate under India Pavilion organized by the Council. (subject to eligibility).

Visa / Custom Info


Visa only on Arrival

Consulate General of India
16-D, United Centre, 95, Queensway, Hong Kong 
Tel : 00852 25284028 / 25272275
Fax: 00852 28664124
Email :


Exhibition Cell
Tel: +91-22-43541800

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